Simply read the causes of the error and then the possible solution. The main cause of this error is generally errors on your hard drive. These can either be bad sectors that have not yet been marked as bad by the filesystem, or your hard drive may be failing.

  • If any file on your computer has virus but it does not cause harm to the file system, then CHKDSK will not be able to detect it.
  • Folders now have a new and more informative Tiles view, while the Details view can now display such options as Album Title and Artist when viewing MP3 files.
  • Now that your camera is restarted, you can try new and exciting ways to use it.

The problem occurs when RAM can’t take back the data from harddrive,hence showing up this msg on black screen. I tried to restart my PC when then a disk error msg appeared. It’s also wise to make a backup of your files or the whole drive while the drive is accessible.

Try the device on other working computers

According to Microsoft, there are other tips worth trying to fix the blue screen of death caused by the Ntfs.sys error. You now have to select the volume that is labeled ESP. ESP or EFI System Partition is a partition on a hard disk or solid-state drive which adheres to UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.

I think the problem lies with your BIOS settings. I downloaded the Media creation tool from Microsoft and made a USB stick using it and a .iso file to use with Easy2Boot, but both bring to the same result. You should be able to get access to the HARD drive removed from the laptop… The How to install a driver manually? simplest solution would be the formatting of HARD drive and new reinstallation of the operating system. Do a chkdsk and make sure that your player or files are not damaged. Last night, he showed 16 updates are ready to be installed the automatic updates.

This can cause instability, degraded performance, crashes, and even BSODs. Your issues should now be fixed on Windows 11 thanks to FixWin 10. Now use the options available on your screen to fix and repair Windows 11.

Since the affected computer can’t boot to Windows, you need to boot computer with bootable disk. In this case, open your computer’s hood and check if each cable is fastened on both ends. Disconnect them, inspect the cables for any damage and then connect them firmly.

Checking the Hardware

You can then properly scan and clean your PC without interference from the malware. The CMOS’s battery slot is normally fitted to the computer’s motherboard. But it can be a little tricky to remove and replace the battery on some PCs. If you have one of those computers it is best you take the computer to a repair technician.

Depending on the size of your drive, this might take several minutes. For best results, don’t use your computer for any other tasks while it is checking for errors. The drive will now be scanned to check for errors.